17 noiembrie 2006

Double personality

Hello again,

As as see, after almost one year, nobody read my posts, not even me :)

I believe I have double personality because I don't really remember writing the words on the first two posts.

Life must go on ...

9 februarie 2006

About the first post

Hello again

My fist post was a little egocentric focused.

It is very important for me that you understand me, and if I say cat, you shoud not understant dog.

16 ianuarie 2006


My real name is not important. If my English is not ok with you, it's not really my problem. All I want is a space for myself here on the web, where I can share my ideas of life, were I can make more friends etc. etc. the same shiiiit ... you know.

Ok now is late, but I will come back tomorrow with some text that will hopefully pleases you.