15 ianuarie 2007

A new year

Today is 15th of January 2007, and I want this year to be more active on my personal blog.

I am very sorry for my English, and I mean here, my grammar and verbs. It seems that I have a problem with those two.

That's it for today, I will be back in the next days with more ...

Later edit:
I don't actually have anything to do, so I will write here.

I noticed that I am very egocentric, because there are a lot of I's in my posts, and when I speak and write in English, there are also a lot of I's. What can I do, I am not perfect!

I just want to edit the contents for "About me..." section, and I can't find where I can do that ... Maybe a beer will help. Too bad, I'm not a regular driker.

3 comentarii:

Alexandru spunea...

E mai simplu sa-ti raspund pe romana. Ma bucur sa descopar ca ai blog, desi esti cam "taciturn".

Baga tot despre experinte zilnice, ce filme ai mai vazut, ce ai mai citit, ce proiecte ai mai facut.

Asteptam curios sa vad ce si cum.

PCPbSlack spunea...

Ascultand sfatul tau Alex, se pare ca voi continua acest blog in Romana, evident fiindu-mi si mie mai usor astfel. Fa-ti si tu un weblog si hai sa ne promovam calitatile. :)

Alexandru spunea...

Ma bucur ca ai trecut pe romaneasca. Ca doar cu noi vorbesti... deocamdta.

Eu sunt puturos si cu prea putin timp sa fac un blog, deocamdta.

Vreau sa fac eu niste blog-uri, e surpirza. E ceva special si sper sa va placa.